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Magazine/Newspaper Name Language Issue Date Item
Revue Suisse des Echecs French September 2003 Back Cover
Mobile Chess Simul (i-mode) Various Summer 2003 PR, French Ad, Dutch Ad, Info-F1, Info-F2, Info-D1, Info-D2
Movie "Blagoslovite Zhenshinu" Russian Summer 2003 Poster, web1, web2
Heure French Spring 2003 Article
Freundin German April 19, 2003 Article
Wellfit German May 2003 Article
Fritz 7 Software USA 2003 Box
Shredder 7 software Europe 2003 Front, Back
Excalibur Chess Computers USA 2003 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Chess Museum Induction Meeting USA February-March 2003 Poster
Simul at the Russian Duma Russia March 2003 Poster
Match with Karjakin Switzerland February 2003 Back Cover
Balmain Watches World 2002-2003 Ad, PR Eng, PR Fren, PR Rus, Black, Pink, Blue
Journal du Jura French November 21, 2002 Article
Match in Manises Spanish June 2002 Leaflet
UK Challenge Announce English December 2002 Catalog Page